Who we are

Leaf Group Ltd. is a company with over 20 years of experience, specializing in the trade of high-tech building materials and the introduction of new technologies on the Bulgarian market. We supply construction chemical products and systems from some of the largest manufacturers in the world.

The basis of our success is high quality, timely deliveries, accurate specifications, technological assistance and fairness to both customers and employees of the company.

We are focused on efficiency, constantly striving for high personal and organizational productivity.

What will we expect?

  • In-depth knowledge of the company's products and services;
  • Technical and commercial consultancy;
  • Attract new customers;
  • Organizing and conducting technical meetings and presentations;
  • Cooperation and development of the distribution network;
  • Maintaining and developing professional relationships with current and potential new clients of the company;
  • To study the trends in consumers in the markets in which the company sells its goods;
  • Assists customers in preparing orders;
  • Accepts and processes sales orders

What do we offer?

  • Employment contract and full insurance;
  • Incentive remuneration;
  • Permanent and long-term work;
  • Strict adherence to the agreements between the parties;
  • Training related to improving the performance of work duties;
  • Cohesive team and good relationships;