One of the leading factors influencing the value of the real estate (residential or industrial) is the quality of construction and the degree of depreciation.

Undoubtedly, the quality of life or business of future users is a function of the condition of the building.

With time and during exploitation, any type of construction could manifest hidden or not noticeable defects. These defects may result from an error made during construction, incorrectly set or used products, poor management or defects created due to design.

The consequences of structural damage could have aesthetic and functional outcomes, as the latter could pose a risk to the safety and stability of the structure.

Last, but not least, even the best designed and built structures are subject to the elements of nature - storms, floods, hail, lightning and damage caused by third parties as a result of accidental events.

We can help you by finding the most common defects due to errors in planning and execution.

  • Poorly cast concrete
  • Cracks in the structural elements
  • Leaks in structures
  • Moisture in all its forms and the reasons for its appearance in residential and industrial buildings (cellars, basements, warehouses, underground parking lots, garages, elevator shafts, silos, swimming pools, tanks, roofs, terraces, facades, etc.);