Various technologies are used to stop, control or eliminate the entry and spread of capillary moisture in masonry structures:

  • Volumetric injection
  • Linear injection
  • Filling
  • Compresses / immersion
  • Surface spraying

Objects of application

  • Residential, commercial and industrial buildings whose ground parts are subject to penetrating moisture;
  • Masonry fences;
  • Masonry monuments of architecture (ritual temples, public buildings);
  • Underground infrastructure sites from the past (masonry galleries, urban and railway tunnels, subways);
  • Underground premises with the changed purpose (studios, restaurants, etc.) in old city buildings;

Benefits and advantages

  • Interruption of the spread and penetration of capillary moisture;
  • Consolidation and stabilization of masonry;
  • Preservation of the type of masonry - in case of a similar effect;
  • Creating conditions for the use of the ground or underground parts of old buildings;
  • Low consumption of fluid injection when filling transition cavities;