Structural restoration and reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures, reinforced concrete elements, industrial concrete flooring; strengthening and restoration of masonry structures:

  • Residential and industrial buildings (basements, warehouses, underground car parks, garages)
  • Underground construction (underground communications, metro routes, metro stations)
  • Hydraulic engineering (locks, chambers, control detours, dams, dam walls)
  • Tunnel facilities
  • Bridges, viaducts, bridge canals, overpasses, shafts, mining and drainage galleries, shafts

Applied technologies:

  • Restoration of cracked structural elements by means of injection
  • Reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures with carbon fibres
  • Reinforcement of masonry structures with carbon fibres and spiral anchors
  • Earthquake reinforcement of masonry structures with "socks anchors"
  • Structural restoration and volumetric reconstruction with special repair mixtures (BDS EN 1504)
  • Anticorrosion hydrophobic treatment of reinforced concrete structures with re-alkalizing effect on steel reinforcement (combination of nano-silicon and organofunctional agents at the molecular level). PROVEN extension of the service life of the facilities
  • Injection and filling with cement mixtures (modified with nano silicon and organofunctional molecules) of large cracks and voids in concrete elements, structural connections
  • Bonding by means of filling and injection of delaminated structural elements and coatings (fillings, screeds, plasters, the top layer of industrial flooring, floor and wall coverings of tiles, etc.)
  • Application of anti-carbonizing, finishing coating
  • Restoration of pavements by means of injection in and under the pavement (depending on the problem), reprofiling of joints in the pavements, restoration of the surface
  • Reprofiling of expansion joints in structures
  • Repair of cracks
  • Hydrophobic treatment of facades and flooring (plasters, natural stone cladding, wood panelling, stone flooring, architectural elements, sculptures, etc.)